Midnight Dreaming

Midnight Dreaming

We Acknowledge the homelands of all our ancestral connections from mother country to father sky and our legacy of our blood lines we attend to travel upon our creation journey ached before we return to the dreaming.

Beautiful artwork pieces by the talented Koori artist Renae Lamb. A proud Wiradjuri/Wongaibon woman, her ancestral connection to her people of Central West, NSW.

Renae is an inspiring young entrepreneur, In 2020 she established her business 'Midnight Dreaming'.

Renae has a deep connection to her roots and community and shows us that through her wonderful artwork and workshops. 

Midnight dreaming involves the running and creation of a Contemporary Dance Studio with workshops for all ages, educational dance programs for schools, producing Koori artwork pieces and hosting workshops, Koori designed sleepwear, all amongst working as an Aboriginal student support worker in schools, studying a Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and raising three beautiful children on the homelands of the Worimi Nation.

HOA is in aware of this amazing human so we reached out and asked for a collaboration.

It helps that she is my beautiful niece and couldn't say no ;)

"Dream brighter than ever, the biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams" - Renae Lamb

HOA supports this artist by not-for profit.

All proceeds from artworks go straight to Renae to help make her dreams come true.